Physical Testing

Physical Testing:



VK 100 Automated Disintegration Tester

The VK 100 Disintegration Tester is fully programmable and was designed for the automation of pass/fail disintegration testing. It includes an integrated drive system, waterbath/circulator and microprocessor control. The integration of these modular components into a single high-tech package results in an excellent system for all routine disintegration testing requirements.

Standard Disintegration Tester

Our Standard Disintegration Tester is a stand-alone system designed for economical disintegration testing. Included is an all stainless-steel adjustable basket suspension rod that provides efficient testing as it allows you to lift basket in and out of the beaker without disturbing other units.

VK 200 Tablet Hardness Tester

Combining the accuracy and precision of a microprocessor controlled instrument with the economy of a manual unit, the VK 200 Tablet Hardness Tester checks tablet hardness ranging from 0.4 to 35.0 kiloponds (50kp version also available) within ± 1% full scale.

Tapped Density Tester

The Vankel tap density tester offers a standardized and repeatable method of measuring tapped or packed volumes of powders as well as granulated or flaked materials. The unique simultaneous tapping or rotary motion of our tap density tester assures that the material being tested is packed evenly throughout the cylinder and that its surface is level for reading of the graduated cylinder.

Friability Tester

Certified to meet all current USP guidelines, VanKel Friabilators are the most capable standardized means of determing how well tablets and capsules stand up to the rigors of the various phases of manufacturing, distribution and handling. By testing your sample in the VanKel friabilator, you'll easily be able to detect possible edging, crumbling, chipping or breakup of the tablets.

Calibration Tools

The VanKel QA II Station has been designed specifically to measure and record the key physical parameters of shaft wobble, instrument level, vessel temperature, spindle speed and shaft perpendicularity in the X and Y axis as specified in the USP, EP and JP.
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