Information Management


New approach to information management:
VARiS Vision delivers the power of integration needed to focus on quality patient care. The comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) provides the foundation to manage your processes, giving you a clinical advantage and empowering you to make critical decisions with confidence. Flexible and customizable applications together with streamlined workflow tools make VARiS Vision the single platform for emerging image-driven technologies such as intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), Dynamic Targeting image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT), cone-beam CT (CBCT), and stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS).VARiS Vision's comprehensive financial tools provide the ability to identify cost reduction as well as continuous process and performance improvement opportunities. With increased productivity, you can be assured a higher return on your investment. Streamline your department with complete information and image management from the leader in radiation therapy systems: Varian.

VARIS Vision

VARIS Vision redefines the clinical process with one word: efficiency. This one system, one-vendor solution combines information and image management with treatment planning, simulation, treatment delivery and verification, all on one database.
Data from each component is accessible instantly at the point of utilization.

4D Console (for Varian Clinac)

4D console automates key processes, such as MLC control and imaging, at the time of delivery. Users can focus on the patient rather than the process. It allows you to manage all your patient imaging need, including fast repositioning at each treatment session, with acquisition, review and analysis of PortalVision electric portal images online.

Activity Capture

Activity Capture records all activities that are completed in the department to enable charge and relative value unit (RVU) export, process tracking and productivity analysis. Up to 50 activity attributes are captured when an activity is completed.

Clinical Assessment

Clinical Assessment allows you to record, value, evaluate and monitor your patients' health during their entire treatment course. You can be assured you have all the details needed to treat your patients effectively and safely with an in-depth and ongoing view of their health information.

Deluxe Report

Deluxe Reports extends the reporting capabilities of VARIS Vision with a comprehensive set of 129 reports designed from user feedback. These reports are ready-to-print and can be customized, using Reports Author, to fit your department's specific needs. Deluxe Reports compatibility is maintained for each release of VARIS Vision.

Dynamic Documents

Dynamic Documents provides your clinic with a quick easy-to-use integrated way of adding clinical documentation to every patient's EHR. Predefined templates can be used to pull existing data from a patient's EHR and populate a document while minimizing manual data errors and maximizing productivity.

Dicom RT


HARRP, which stands for High Availability and Rapid Recovery Protection, is based on NSI Software, Inc.’s (NSI®) patented Double Take® software technology. HARRP is designed to enable data-dependent oncology departments to recover VARiS data quickly and easily when there are day-to-day failures or catastrophic disasters involving network data servers.


VARIS MedOncology is a comprehensive medical oncology information management system. It is a tool used by medical oncologist to plan regiments, monitor progress and record the results of drug-related treatment courses, such as chemotherapy and hormonal therapy. All clinical, financial and administrative information resides on one database for easy data entry. Because patient information is saved to one database, you're assured access to the most up-to date information every time.

Patient Manager

All patient history, including medical, family, and social history can be entered and accessed within the EHR. The EHR can be updated to reflect that patient counseling has taken place. Current medication can be documented by using the customizable "favorites list", which allows for quick identification of preferred medications to prescribe.

Reports Author

Reports Author is a database query and report builder application powered by InfoMaker. It empowers you to create reports and modify the existing Standard and Deluxe Reports to fit your specific clinical processes. The reports you create can be run on any VARIS Vision workstation without InfoMaker being installed.

RTP Exchange

RTP Exchange is an interface application that supports the electronic transfer of Radiation Treatment Planning (RTP) data. It is designed as an interface between VARiS Vision and a non-Varian RTP system for exchanging RTP data.


Simulation allows the user to electronically capture all of the set-up parameters determined at the time of simulation, such as gantry angle; collimator angle; field size; couch vertical, longitudinal and lateral. These set-up parameters will then be transferred or ‘sent’ to the treatment machine for treatment.

Time Planner

Time Planner is a powerful scheduling solution that simplifies the creation and tracking of appointments and tasks. It provides efficient yet flexible management of workflow in your department. Workflow management tools help you implement and optimize clinical processes to save time, reduce cost and maintain high-quality patient care.

Treatment (for non-Varian linac)

Treatment streamlines the treatment delivery process to enable the therapist to focus on the quality of patient care. With Treatment's intuitive interface and automated field sequencing, the therapist can save time delivering, efficient treatments. Using Treatment, the therapist can verify that the patient is receiving accurate treatment on Elekta, GE or Siemens linear accelerators


Vision is a comprehensive image management application. With Vision you have instant access to data and images from diagnostic studies, treatment planning, simulation and plan verification. Comprehensive DICOM RT compliance provides access to all image data resources.
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