Vaccuum & Semiconductor Technologies

 Vacuum & Semi-conductors

I.S.I. is the Israeli leader for over 30 years in comprehensive solutions for vacuum technology and semi-conductor equipment. Those products are made by the leading companies who are on the forefront of those advanced technology.

I.S.I. is the biggest supplier in Israel for vacuum components - pumps, gauges, valves and connectors for the semi-conductor industry including the machines manufacturers and the processors manufacturers.

The engineers and technicians team is skilled and well-experienced in the programming, construction and selling fields of vacuum systems and systems who combine different technologies such as:

  • flow pressure control & measurements
  • flow pressure calibration
  • process measurement
  • temperature and heat body control
  • heating cooling circulation
  • diffusion fluids
  • leak detectors
  • coating and corrosion

A big and varied component warehouse is at your service for immediate solutions, vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges, vacuum traps and filters, vacuum valves in different standards.
We also have a stock of used equipment in intact state, clean and controlled by a technician.

I.S.I. possesses a years-old reputation of professional support services from the company's engineers. The service is provided in the company's labs or on the clients site.
We expertise in service for vacuum systems, pumps, leak detectors and calibration for


Varian is a world leader in the design, manufacturing and application of high vacuum products for research, academia and industry. The ConFlat® Flange, VacIon® Pump and ContraFlow™ leak detection were all invented by Varian; today each is the world standard.
MKS Instruments Inc. manufactures a wide range of products in the areas of Pressure Measurement & Control, Flow Measurement & Control, Leak Detection, Calibration, Gas Analysis, and Control & Information Technologies.
Due to a wide range of products, highest quality standards, ongoing innovation and long-term service guarantee, VAT has become the worldwide leading manufacturer of vacuum valves.
Founded in 1971, we provide new and used vacuum equipment, vacuum pump fluids, and vacuum components. Mass-Vac, Inc. also offers a complete line of vacuum inlet traps, exhaust traps, and oil filtration systems. Our signature product line, the MV MULTI-TRAP® provides unparalleled protection for pumps and exhaust lines.
Founded in 1922, Watlow is a market leader in the engineering and manufacturing of complete thermal systems. These systems, including electric industrial heaters, temperature sensors, temperature controllers, power controllers, process systems assemblies and software, allow Watlow to recommend, deliver and develop optimum thermal solutions for their customers.
ECI Tecnology is the world leader in CVS
Lytron, the Total Thermal Solutions Company™, was founded in 1958 to deliver high-quality thermal management solutions. Today, we lead the industry in product innovation and quality, as well as customer support. As a solutions-oriented company, Lytron invests heavily in engineering resources to provide efficient, reliable liquid cooling components and systems
EVAC chain clamps provide for the rapid interconnection of two pipes using a tapered flange. Intermediate seals centre the pipes, forming a vacuum-tight connection. Because the pressure points around the circumference of the flanges are precisely defined, equal distribution of the tightening force is guaranteed.
SOPRA's ability to design and manufacture high quality metrology tools and analytical equipment with integrated mechanics, optics, electronics and software has become one of the company's key assets.
As a well established industry leader in both R&D and industry, SOPRA brings state-of-the-art technology at the production level.
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