HPLC Modules

HPLC Modules

Getting the most value from an HPLC system starts with choosing the right system for your laboratory. That means finding the correct solvent delivery, sample introduction and detector modules for your particular application. Varian's dedication to providing the best HPLC system doesn't end with hardware. GLP compliance, automation packages, data management solutions, applications and service support are all part of our solution packages.

Fraction Collectors

325 Dual Wavelength UV-Vis HPLC Detector

.400 Standard

ProStar 210 / PrepStar 218- Analytical to Semiprep to Prep

Preparative Column Packers

335 HPLC Diode Array Detector

.410 Variable Volume

HPLC Solvent Delivery Modules

340 UV-Vis

.420 Variable Volume

Preparative HPLC

355 Refractive Index Detector

.430 Variable Volume

363 Fluorescence Detector

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