Consumable Products

For over 30 years I.S.I. has been the Israeli leader in providing a comprehensive range of consumables and accessories suitable for all analytical instruments.

Our policy is to give quick and efficient service to clients all over the country with on-the-spot application solutions by our professional, highly skilled staff.

I.S.I. is the representative of leading manufacturers supplying high quality products that support both Varian equipment and other manufacturers' equipment, such as Agilent, Shimadzu, Thermo and Watters.

Our range includes:GC columns, Liners, Septa, Ferrules, Syringes. Hplc, Uplc and Prep columns, Fingertight, tubing and connectors, D2 lamps.AA & ICP Standards, Nebulizers, Torches, Spray Chambers, Tubing and Lamps.Pipetors, Dispensers, Vials and filters.Dissolution Vessels, Paddles and Sinkers.SPE, SPME, FTIR products.

We supply and service products used by the leading pharmaceutical companies, universities and research centers, the petrochemical and food industries.




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