AOX/TOX Analyzer multi X® 2500 SPECORD® PLUS AZURA Combinable elements

Life Science

ISI has played a prominent role in Israel’s Life Science market since 1972, representing world-class manufacturers. 

Our core product lines include: 

TOC/TNb solid and liquid analyzers, AOX/TOX/DOX/BOX systems, elemental analyzers (C; S; Cl; N), mercury analyzers, spectrophotometers, XRF,  ICP and ICP-MS, atomic absorption spectrometers, microwave digestion and synthesis systems, peptide synthesizers, dissolution systems and automation, pharmaceutical physical testing, GC, HPLC,



Latest Products

  • contrAA® Series – High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS

    The contrAA® atomic absorption spectrometers are the first and only commercially available instruments for HR-CS AAS and launch a new generation of instruments for AAS.

  • AZURA Product Selection Guide 2014/15

    The new AZURA Product Selection Guide 2014/15 includes comprehensive lists of available AZURA HPLC Elements.

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