About The Department

ISI has played a prominent role in Israel’s Life Science market since 1972, representing world-class manufacturers.

Our Analytical product lines include:

 TOC/TNb solid and liquid analyzers, AOX/TOX/DOX/BOX systems, elemental analyzers (C; S; Cl; N), mercury analyzers, spectrophotometers, XRF,  ICP and ICP-MS, atomic absorption spectrometers, microwave digestion and synthesis systems, peptide synthesizers, dissolution systems and automation, pharmaceutical physical testing, GC, HPLC, GC/MS and LC/MS, FPLC and prep-HPLC solutions, headspace and purge & trap systems, protein/fat analyzers, NMR/MRI and other unique instrumentation solutions.

Our Process product lines include:

Synthesis systems, Peptide synthesizers, FPLC and prep-HPLC solutions, protein/fat analyzers, Tubing, Liq. Filters, Gas Filters & Scrubbers, Gas Purifiers, Inline and Online Sensing, Valves, Containers, Liq. Pumps , Vacuum pumps, MVA(Multivariate Analysis) and other unique solutions.


We represent leading companies such as: Entegris, Analytik Jena AG, DISTEK, CEM Corporation, Scion Instruments, Knauer, Syft, PSS, Magritek, Teledyne, Agilent, KRUSS

Our select clients include: Hospitals, universities, laboratories, large industries, pharmaceutical companies, Biotechnology companies and more  

The Life Science Department is managed by Tal Regev Moshe. The department includes field sales engineers, internal sales personnel and administration, technicians and applied engineers.

We enjoy an excellent reputation in the local market and intend to vigorously continue our tradition of reliability while simultaneously expanding our product lines and enhancing the range of services we provide.


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