Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation

I.S.I. has sole representation of Varian Inc. in Israel.

Varian is the leader in the field of sample preparation with a comprehensive line of products that include filtration, protein precipitation, solid phase extraction and liquid extraction. Bond Elut

Varian's innovative products and dedicated customer support ensure that they have the right answer for all of your sample preparation needs.

Varian's Brands include Focus®, SPEC®, Bond Elut®, VersaPlate™ , Captiva® and MetaFlash®.

Here you can choose the sample prep. products according to the different techniques Varian offers. 

  1. Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)
  2. Filtration
  3. Purification Solutions
  4. Liquid/Liquid Extraction
  5. Trityl-On Oligonucleotide Purification
  6. Peptide and Protein Purifications with OMIX®


Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

Varian offers an unparalleled program of products and services for SPE. Whether you need packed bed or disc; polymer or silica; cartridge or 96-well plate, Varian has the solution for you.


The Captiva 0.2µm and 0.45µm depth filters plates are ideal to prepare precipitated protein samples for LC/MS analysis. Filtration is simple, versatile, and necessary to prevent clogging of expensive HPLC columns. The captiva 10µm and 20µm glass fiber filter plates are designed for clarifying highly particle-laden samples, such as freshly thawed plasma, preventing sample transfer problems due to pipette tip clogging

Purification Solutions

Isolation of compounds from synthesis mixtures presents a different set of challenges from analytical work. Varian offers complementary solutions to your purification needs.

Liquid/Liquid extraction

Varian Hydromatrix disposable liquid/liquid extraction cartridges provide a means of simplifying and speeding up multiple liquid/liquid extractions. All Hydromatrix filled cartridges contain a special grade of flux-calcined, high purity, inert diatomaceous earth packed into polypropylene tubes.

Trityl On Oligonucleotide Purification (TOP)

TOP meets the demand for simple, cost effective, high throughput purification of trityl-on oligoncleotides. TOP incorporates a unique 96-well plate with removable tubes, streamlined gravity flow protocol, polymeric resin and optimized binding solution. Varian's cutting edge BioSolutions technology delivers superior yields and purity for standard oligos up to 1 umol in scale and up to 50 mer in length.

Peptide and protein purification with OMIX®

Monolithic sorbent tip technology for dependable purification and superior results in Drug Discovery and Proteomix research.
OMIX® pipette tips for microextractions reliably purify and enrich femtomole to micromole levels of small molecule drugs, peptides and proteins prior to MALDI-TOF or LC/MS.
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