Molecular Spectroscopy


After 50 plus years of designing spectrophotometers, the Cary name has become synonumous with high performance and reliability. Speed, accuracy and dependability make the Cary products a preferred choice. To address your specific application needs the Cary line comes with a wide range of accessories and application specific software.

Starna: Cells, Cuvettes & Reference Materials

The wide variety of Starna® products on this web site are manufactured in the Optiglass factory founded in 1964, whose lineage of optical expertise is traceable to the early part of the last century.


ICL has supplied optics, presses, dies and sampling accessories for spectroscopy since its founding in 10962. All ICL optics and lab presses are made in the USA. ICL was voted "Manufacturer of the Year" several times in the 90's by the world's foremost spectrophotometer manufacturer.
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